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Kulwinder Bajwa

Kulwinder Bajwa is the senior Osteopath at The Maidenhead Osteopathy Clinic. He graduated from The British School of Osteopathy in 1991. “I set up my first clinic in Slough in 1991 and the Maidenhead one followed in 1993, both were known as The SOS Clinic until recently.”

Kulwinder is married with 2 grown children. “I have a very lively dog that keeps me active and I am a keen mountaineer. I like to lead by example: as I am getting older I continue to keep fit to ensure that I can continue to lead an active life-style. I encourage all of my patients to do the same but not necessarily climb mountains!”

Kulwinder is also the inventor of the Simplex-genius pillow measuring system (known as Range Pillows in the UK). “After more than 20 years of advising my patients about getting their pillow height correct to help them stay aligned while lying down I came up with a scientific way to ensure that we all sleep on the right height pillow.” The concept was patented and in now licensed to be sold the world over. www.rangepillows.com The pillows are also available from our clinic.

Kulwinder on a mountain

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