Kulwinder has been practicing osteopathy for nearly 30 years. Over that time many people have benfitted from his treatment using both cranial and general osteopathic techniques.

Here are some of their experiences in their own words.

Cranial Osteopathy experiences

General Osteopathy experiences


Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle treatment applied to help with tensions within a child’s body. Stress during the pregnancy, labour, or even after birth can cause tensions within a child.

Cranial Osteopathy has become a very popular choice for parents looking for help with their child.

I would highly recommend Kulwinder he has been fantastic with my baby. She was a forceps baby and had colic, reflux and was very unsettled in her first few weeks.
My daughter has been seen by him 3 times and after all visits I noticed an immediate improvement in her range of motions, feeding and especially sleeping. Kulwinder was able to diagnose where the tension was and started working on it immediately. My baby is more relaxed and is a changed baby. I am definitely a cranial-osteopathy convert – it works. Thank you!



I would just like to thank Kulwinder Bajwa for helping my baby son. He was suffering with severe constipation, reflux, colic and a cow’s milk allergy.

A few sessions with Kulwinder completely resolved these problems. He is now a happy, contented little boy who sleeps all night every night! It is a complete transformation and it wouldn’t have been possible without Kulwinder. I am truly grateful

Sharon Tong

Every night we battled to get our son to sleep and would face waking at least every 2-3 hours. Within a few minutes of our first session, we were put at ease by Kulwinder’s calm, confident and professional approach.

I would definitely recommend Kulwinder’s services to any parent battling with sleepless nights!

Naureen Hussain

I sought osteopathy for my son after a traumatic birth and the use of rotational forceps. Within 24 hours after having his first treatment he was a different child. He is now calm and very contented as opposed to screaming and shouting all day. Mr Kulwinder Bajwa is professional and very encouraging as well as being very supportive.

Holli Mason

I returned to see Kulwinder at SOS clinic when my daughter was 4 years (February 2018). She had been treated previously from 6 weeks old for colic, poor sleep and misshapen head following a traumatic forceps delivery. Within a few treatments I noticed an improvement in her mood, sleep and head-shape. The second time at 4 years, she was short tempered, easily frustrated and I wondered if she could benefit from treatment. Kulwinder again transformed her and she is so much happier now and less frustrated. I was a sceptic before of cranial osteopathy but would not hesitate in recommending treatment with Kulwinder.

Clodagh Clark

Dear Kulwinder, I’d like to thank you for working on our daughter, Maya and helping her settle down after suffering from constant, prolonged crying episodes and digestive issues. Maya was a very unsettled baby from birth suffering from colic and reflux. After the first 48 hours of her first treatment with you, Maya was a different baby! Periods of calm whilst being awake were an alien concept to us until she received your treatment. She is now a much happier and calmer baby thanks to your magic hands! I will be recommending your handy work to many of my friends and family who have been going through similar experiences.

Avnee Shah

Dear Mr Bajwa, Thank you so much for all your help with Alex. He has come on enormously since you first started treating him. I can hardly believe that only a few months ago his speech was incomprehensible to almost everybody except me (an even to me sometimes!) Now he can make himself understood even to people who do not know him and a whole new world has opened up for him as a result. It is a miraculous improvement and one that has meant so much, not only to Alex, but to all of us as the frustrations that can result from an inability to communicate can be overwhelming.

Clare Carruthers

General Osteopathy

Our patients range from the very young to the not so young. People from all walks of life and from all types of occupations have benefited from our treatment.

I feel that Mr Kulwinder Bajwa has given me my life back. For more than 9 years I had been left in constant pain – unable to walk properly or function fully so to speak. I booked an appointment where Mr Bajwa listened to my tale – this was the first time I felt that a professional was really trying to help my personal plight. I can honestly say that my life began again. I could not be more thankful to have found this person, who not only knows his job but someone who truly cares, listens and will do his best to help people get their lives back on track. Mr Kulwinder Bajwa has been my saviour and I will be forever grateful to this amazing man.

Kathy Kneen

After suffering frequent frightening chest pains over a period of about 3 years, five different specialists all drew a blank as to the cause. Osteopath Kulwinder Bajwa, however, detected the problem within a 5 minute consultation and has been successfully treating me, he is nothing short of a miracle worker!

Annie Sutherland

Kulwinder is a brilliant Osteopath. Whenever I have had problems with pain or stiffness in the lower back or neck, his manipulation has brought immediate relief. Highly recommended!!

Paul Owen

Having used a number of osteopaths with limited success I was delighted to be introduced to Kulwinder to work on my scoliosis of the spine that has lead to regular back pain.I feel very relaxed within this professional clinic, never rushed in or rushed out of the door and I know and believe that Kulwinder is committed to ensuring my comfort for as long as is possible. I have recommended people to the clinic who have also had satisfactory outcomes and would continue to recommend family and friends.

Matt Fulbrook

I had a long and heavy going day yesterday (I really am getting to old), but managed to win the men’s heavy weight division and take the gold – my back is fine and held out perfectly! Competing against total strangers, the feeling of qualifying for the final, and the rush of actually winning the final, are all emotions that I never thought I would experience again. Thank you so much for getting me to this stage.

Alun Freeman

My family have been patients of Mr Bajwa for about 20 years. He has helped us with a variety of problems including stress related migraines, sciatica, whiplash and pulled muscles. We find our two-monthly treatments very helpful in keeping problems at bay. We have been very pleased with the treatments and have recommended him to many friends.

Carol & Hugh Dale

I have a chronic back condition that Kulwinder has been treating for around 20 years. Thanks to his treatment I have gone from being hardly able to walk or stand for more than 15 minutes to walking a Marathon. I would highly recommend him!

Jay Roff

I first visited the Maidenhead Osteopathy Clinic in 2010 (known under a different name at that point). In the years leading up to my first appointment, I suffered from chronic neck and upper back problems, alongside frequent debilitating migraines. I struggled for years to find relief to no avail until I visited the clinic.

Kulwinder took the time to understand my issues and began a treatment programme which all but eliminated my complaints. The difference it has made to the way I feel is remarkable and I cannot recommend this clinic enough to anyone looking for treatment!!

Gary Atkin

After years of niggling and sometimes debilitating issues with my back I booked an appointment with the clinic. Within the first session Kulwinder was able to diagnose the underlying cause and treat it. I now visit on a regular 8 week cycle for ‘routine maintenance’.

It’s a great feeling to walk out after a treatment and have my back and neck feel totally free. I haven’t missed a round of golf since.

Mark Munnery